What Is Cyber Security?



Hackers for hire are breaking into thousands of small businesses like yours. They’re stealing bank account information, credit card and Social Security numbers, customer and patient private data, and taking money directly out of business bank accounts. According to the FBI, the threat is incredibly serious and growing. Cyber intrusions are becoming more commonplace, more dangerous, and more sophisticated which is why it’s essential to protect yourself now, to prevent an attack later.

Cyber Basics

Are You Protected?

What Every CEO Needs To Know

Hackers & How To Deal


Cyber Basics

Cyber Security is the process of protecting sensitive data, computer systems, networks and software applications from cyber attacks.

These cyber attacks are usually aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information; demanding money from users, or interrupting normal business processes costing companies millions.

Even large companies are at risk. some of the most famous attacks are:

⚙️ Yahoo – 2014, affected 500 million accounts
⚙️ Russian Hackers – 2014 1.2 billion user names and passwords were stolen
⚙️ Marriott Hotel – 500 million customers compromised
⚙️ Adult friend finder – 4 million accounts made public
⚙️ Equifax – 2017 143 million American, Canadian, and British customer

Watch the video below to see how

Hackers get into your system.

With the number of threats constantly increasing. you won’t be vigilant about you how you plan to address these potential attacks. Click here to read more about cyber basics for small businesses. 

Types of Cyberthreats:

Malware – is a portmanteau of “malicious” and “software.” It is an umbrella term that covers programs designed to cause harm once installed on a targeted computer or server.

Trojans Programs that hide a virus or other malicious program. Many “free software” offers trick unsuspecting users into downloading and installing other apps that are actually Trojans.

Adware/Spyware Programs that can over web browsers and redirect activity to other sites, usually e-commerce pages.

Viruses Often spread by using removable devices on otherwise clean machines, visiting malicious pages or clicking on email attachments, viruses are designed to damage or destroy files stored on a network.

Worms  A kind of virus that replicates and propagates itself from computer to computer connected to a network.

Are You Protected?

The fear of not knowing if you are protected is a concern for most business owners. Not having access to data can be detrimental to an organization and could potentially lose them millions of dollars. While ransomware is the most frequently used form of malware today, there are many advanced technologies that can protect you from having your data stolen.

For example, Cisco Umbrella is a protection software that has the ability to determine if a system is infected or compromised by the types of requests it is making. If we see that a device is sending requests to multiple unknown domains, it is likely that the device is compromised.  

Cisco Umbrella does the following: 

  • Prevents malware, ransomware, or phishing attempts from malicious or fraudulent websites
  • Prevents both web and non-web Botnet Command & Control call-backs from systems that are already compromised
  • Protects roaming users and devices, regardless of their location and without the need to be connected to an office network or VPN.
  • Inbuilt integration with Cisco AMP and Anti-virus engines provide file inspection capabilities.
  • Enhanced visibility of real-time security activity, to identify compromised systems and targeted attacks
  • Enforces and complies with the organization’s acceptable use policy, through the use of over 60 inbuilt content categories, as well as custom-defined white and blacklists.

There are many software options on the market today to provide fast and effective protection against threats such as Malware, Ransomware, Phishing & Command, and Control callbacks.


21-Day Trial for Cisco Umbrella

If you are unsure if your business is secure, try our  FREE  21 day trial of Cisco Umbrella. This will provide you with some security reports to see how you are doing and where you need to improve.

Ransomeware is a type of malicious software. It designed to extort money by locking access to files or the computer system until the ransom is paid. Check out these stats below network. 

In 2017, credit-reporting company Equifax disclosed that they had experienced a major data breach, affecting up to 143 million people. The company joined Yahoo, Myspace, Target, LinkedIn and more on the list of largest data breaches in history.  

Check out this video to get the facts 

What every CEO needs to know

I.T. Systems are at risk of a cyber-attack in today’s modern world more than they’ve ever been before. Business email compromise, otherwise known as CEO fraud or BEC, is a scam that uses a variety of techniques to trick someone in your organization into sending highly sensitive info or wiring money to an unauthorized account. Now that you know the risks and have assessed how they can devastate your business, staying informed and up-to-date on the latest security measures is vital for your network’s protection. If you’re in charge of a company, it is your responsibility to your employees and stakeholders to ensure that their information stays safe and secure. Consider these questions to find out how you can keep your business protected, as well as the latest security protections you need to know about.

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Hackers & How To Deal

Hackers don’t care if your business is big or small because they will seek out vital information everywhere they can. Some people may believe that they are the exception to the rule, but the simple truth is that hackers don’t care who they steal personal data, private information, or trade secrets from. According to the FBI, the threat is incredibly serious and growing. Cyber intrusions are becoming more commonplace, more dangerous, and more sophisticated.

These are the defenses you must put in place to lock the hackers out of your business.  Are you currently, facing a hacker situation or have you gone through a security breach recently from lack of protection? Download our ebook on 12 critical areas to consider for effective I.T. Security now and into the future.

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