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Our ideal IT client has 15 to 1,500 workstations

Our best clients are organizations who want dependable technology to help them increase productivity, reduce risk, and enjoy a competitive advantage. We provide Computer IT Support for Manufacturing, professional, non-profit, government, and school systems. With 4 office across the state, we service organizations from the Mackinaw Bridge, Traverse City, Muskegon, Grand Rapids, Holland, Kalamazoo, and northern Indiana.

We work most efficiently and effectively with clients who:

  • Require reliable and secure IT Management Services for the network infrastructures of their companies.
  • Recognize that technology is a powerful method for boosting productivity and gaining competitive advantages.
  • Will make a commitment to invest in business technology to eliminate repetitive manual tasks and to improve communication with Computer and Communications Networks.
  • Need not only a partner in technology, but also a trusted advisor for the improvement of their productivity, profitability and operations through professional computer network support.

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Is This You?

We have many clients ranging from small businesses to non-profit organizations and everything in between. If your business falls into one of these categories, we’re definitely able to assist you with your I.T. needs.

Small to Mid Sized Businesses

Are you a small to medium sized business and frustrated with your technology? Most companies want to focus on growing their businesses, not halt them because of computer tech related struggles. We focus on Making your Technology Make Business Sense. We want you to have the ability to run your business without computer or technology worries and enjoy what you like to do. Make Money!



Technology in Education has changed dramatically. With the 1 to 1 computer and the interactivity of whiteboards, video, live streaming, and mobile device management, there are many issues facing the education realm. We can lower your IT support services budget by what we have learned with other schools in Michigan and Indiana.


Manufacturing Industry

In a manufacturing environment, we understand the importance of being up and running. When the computers go down, your production goes down, and that is not a good situation to be in. Let us help you keep production moving and making the product that keeps you in business. We have a lot of experience working in computer support services and assisting you with your processes.



Non-profits rely on technology more than ever. Marketing to your donors and serving your community is important for the growth of your company. That is why your technology is so important. NeXt I.T. works with many different non-profit businesses around Michigan and Indiana. We enjoy teaching them how to get them most out of their IT support budget.

NeXt I.T. can simplify the way you use the technology you count on every day. Our IT Consulting Services take the complexity out of using technology for a simplified business in Western Michigan serving the Muskegon, Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Kalamazoo, Sturgis and the Northern Indiana area.

It’s not just what we say! Our clients have this to say…


“I just wanted to send a thank you out to you and your organization. We recently had a very difficult problem getting a new program to install on a computer where it worked and installed fine on every computer other than mine. After no luck with the vendor’s technicians we reached out to you our IT support for help. NeXt I.T. and he was able to solve our problem and resolve the problem with our vendor of which we had been unable to do. I really appreciate NeXt I.T.’s help in solving this issue as it has caused me much grief over the last week.”

Chris Powers
Horizon Group


“NeXt I.T. has helped our company in many ways. We have had multiple problems in the past with our computer equipment and with the team at NeXt I.T. monitoring how everything works now, we do not see that horrible blue screen anymore. The team at NeXt I.T. can fix our problems before they become a problem! Thank you to the whole team at NeXt I.T.!!”

Gretchen Batka
Cleaning Company – Muskegon

Let’s Work Together!

If you ‘ve gotten this far, this is good news! You want to work with us. Feel free to give us a call, email, or pop into our office. We’d love to hear to from you.
You may be here because you are just looking, that’s okay with us. Fill out the contact form below and we will reach out to you and see how we can make you happy.
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