Webinar: 3 Reasons Multi Factor Authentication Is A MUST

In this webinar, you will hear from experts Don Spier, Solutions Consultant from Next I.T. and Caroline Argudo, an Account Manager from Duo. They will discuss the modern workforce and why Multi-Factor Authentication needs to be used to stay secure. Make sure you don't miss this informative webinar. PLUS, find out how to get a […]

Webinar: Security Bootcamp

Are you ready to get your web security in shape? Join Next I.T. on May 14th as we discuss the new "nutrition plan" you need to implement on your business technology applications. These tips will help you keep things in shape and prevent hackers from getting through, just in time for the Summer!

Webinar: Real Threat Hunting – Attackers are Constantly Evolving

It seems like every week another major corporation announces a large-scale security breach. For IT Managers, it’s a concern that is requiring an increasing amount of time—and it’s not a problem that is limited to Fortune 500 companies. In the past, cyber attackers typically targeted a single large organization with the hopes of landing one […]

Webinar: Dark Web Monitoring

Hackers want to drive a wedge between you and your business. If you’ve been following the latest news in cybersecurity, you know that attacks have only continued to grow in both size and sophistication. Hackers are using your business e-mail to impersonate you or your brand, putting your reputation and your customers at risk. Join […]

Managed I.T. Services Keeps This Radiology Practice in Business

Before this medical services practice started working with Next I.T., they struggled with their technology.

Productivity Improves with Proactive I.T. Management

A worldwide automotive supplier was hit by a cryptovirus that crippled their entire network. The virus caused most workstations and servers to become bots…

A Long-Term Relationship Starts with Trust

An employee benefits group called Next I.T. with a laundry list of frustrations and needed someone they could trust to help increase their productivity and efficiency.

No More Sticker Shock with Managed Services

A supply company contacted Next I.T. because their I.T. provider’s hourly break/fix costs were escalating and impossible to budget.