Our ideal I.T. client has a minimum of 10 workstations. They are in business to provide professional business services that have a dependence on the Internet, e-mail and their secure network for operating and running their businesses. Consequently, companies throughout Muskegon, Grand Rapids, Holland, Ludington, Sturgis and Three Rivers give us their trust to install and support the computer and technology systems that help them run businesses efficiently and successfully.

We work most efficiently and effectively with clients who:

  • Require reliable and secure IT Management Services for the network infrastructures of their companies.
  • Recognize that technology is a powerful method for boosting productivity and gaining competitive advantages.
  • Will make a commitment to invest in business technology to eliminate repetitive manual tasks and to improve communication with Computer and Communications Networks.
  • Need not only a partner in technology, but also a trusted advisor for the improvement of their productivity, profitability and operations through professional computer network support.

Our website clients look to us to support their website and help drive traffic to their site. We create new sites, manage current sites, provide social media support, and all of the components that provide a great internet presence to meet your company goals.

Our ideal web client will:

  • Appreciate a great website design
  • Value the importance of Search Engine Optimization
  • See the value of incorporating Social Media
  • And more...

It’s not just what we say!

Our clients have this to say...

“After a recent server crash, NeXt I.T. got our server running enough to be able to carry on our daily business while we got a new server completely in place in LESS THAN 5 DAYS! The response time was incredible for this project, and I couldn’t ask for more knowledgeable staff to work with me in all aspects of networking. I am extremely happy with the work that NeXt I.T. has done, and will be recommending them to everyone.”

Aaron Gates,
Director of IT
Thurston Woods

“NeXt I.T. has the unique combination of technical savvy and aesthetic sense. They updated our Sligh Furniture Company websites to be effective in attracting target consumers and conveying the beauty of our products, information and where people can go to see and buy. NeXt I.T. thinks collaboratively and performs work quickly at a competitive price.”

Rob Sligh,
President Sligh Furniture
Sligh Furniture

Our technical proficiency in Computer Support, Web Design and Managed IT Services serving companies throughout Western Michigan and Northern Indiana. Serving Muskegon, the greater Grand Rapids area, Sturigis, Kalamazoo, and Traverse City.