We will respond to your call for help within 30 minutes or less and provide a helpful, plain-English support person to help, Guaranteed...

My name is Eric Ringelberg, NeXt I.T. founder and CEO. As a business owner myself, I know how frustrating computer problems can be for a small business. I also understand how difficult it can be to find a dependable computer expert that is easy to reach, responds quickly to your calls, and who will give you the honest, straightforward advice you want.

That’s why I’d like to offer you a FREE Computer Network Assessment where we will show you how to make all of your computer problems a thing of the past. You see, I know that we are hands down the best at what we do, but I don’t think it’s fair for you to risk your own money to find out. Giving you a free network audit will allow us to demonstrate our expertise and professionalism to you without risk or obligation.

To secure your FREE Network Assessment, simply complete the form on this page or give our sales department a call at 866.388.6398, option 1 or email marketing@next-it.net.

Remember, you are under NO OBLIGATION to buy anything.

No Guilt, No Questions, and No Problems.


Eric Ringelberg, CEO

NeXt I.T.

Our FREE network audit will show you how to protect your company from:
  • Spam and Viruses
  • Spyware & Identify Theft
  • Downtime
  • Data Loss
  • Hackers & other Cyber Criminals
  • Disgruntled Employees

What some of our customers are saying:

Thurston Woods Village
"After a recent server crash, Next IT got our server running enough to be able to carry on our daily business while we got a new server completely in place in LESS THAN 5 DAYS! The response time was incredible for this project, and I couldn't ask for more knowledgeable staff to work with me in all aspects of networking. I am extremely happy with the work that NEXT IT has done, and will be recommending them to everyone."
Wilbur Products
"Eric has always been very professional and prompt when it comes to taking care of our IT needs. He is also proactive in terms of reaching out to make us aware of potential IT issues before we have problems."