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SVG Images Getting Wider Distribution As Malicious File Type

JavaScript is hands down the tool of choice of hackers who are interested in inserting malicious code onto a user’s device. Most commonly, scripts are embedded in compressed (zipped) files, and when ...

Three Tips for Extending Battery Life on Your Smartphone

  Next I.T. Smartphones are a huge part of our daily lives. They provide easy communication and Internet access. We use them as cameras and video recorders to document our lives. We play games to relax and ...

New Memory That Acts As Processor Could Speed Up Devices

ReRAM is coming to a computer manufacturer near you, and soon. If you haven’t heard of this technology yet, you’re not alone, but it is one of the most exciting developments in ...

Three Tips for Reducing Eyestrain

  Next I.T. For many office workers and computer users, eye-strain can be a real issue. Spending hours in front of a computer screen can cause fatigue, eye irritation, and even headaches. Though this can be a ...

Update Netgear Routers Firmware Or Risk Password Compromise

It hasn’t been a good time for Netgear. In recent months, security researchers across the industry have identified several critical security flaws that could leave your network exposed and vulnerable to attacks. ...

Dropbox Users Get New Collaboration Doc Feature Called Paper

In recent years, Dropbox has been struggling to find its way. Having realized that there’s little money to be made in simply being a cloud storage service, they’ve been experimenting with a ...

Chrome OS May Get Some Competition From Windows 10 Cloud

Windows hasn’t had much luck with scaled down operating systems, but there have been hints that the company is about to try again. This time, the company will try with a product ...

Android HummingBad Malware Back, Now Called HummingWhale

It is an article of faith that Google’s Play Store and Apple’s iStore are the two safest sources for downloading apps. As good as their security routines are, however, they’re not perfect, ...

Lego Creates New Social Network For Kids

Here’s’ an interesting and inspiring story about corporate inventiveness and good citizenship. If you grew up playing with Legos, then you know that half the fun of them is in sharing your ...

Facebook Attempting To Fix Password Recovery To Minimize Hack Possibility

Password security continues to be the single biggest weak point in the realm of digital security. The problems on this front are numerous, but chiefly stem from the facts that: • Too ...


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Phone: 866-388-6398


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Phone: 231-739-6398
Phone: 866-388-6398

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